JTC-419 / JTC-419E

Multi channel temperature controller with separate load circuits


  • Digital temperature controller with solid state relay for one or multiple, single phase, JCT heated sample lines/heating circuits
  • Up to four independent heating circuits with different supply phases
  • One status signal per control circuit
  • For any temperature control applications
  • Applicable with JCT Ex heated sample lines


  • Integrated fuses per load circuit
  • Long lifetime due to solid state relay
  • Supply voltage 115…230 VAC
  • Self optimising (autotuning)
  • Programmable status contacts
  • Easy installation and set up
  • High reliability
  • Forced cooled unit for use up to 50 °C ambient temperature


  • Plug & play temperature controller
  • Up to 32 A switching capacity per circuit
  • Very high load capability up to 6,9 KW per heater circuit
  • Four-digits LED indication of set point and actual value
  • RTD Pt100 2W or 3W and thermocouples
  • One phase and multiple phase applications
  • SSR with varistor protection output
  • Compact design 3 HU
  • 19” aluminum rack mount housing
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