HT-55 / HT-55H

Auto Tuning Dual Temperature Controllers


  • Dual temperature controller for e.g. all JCT heated sample lines
  • Dual temperature controller with additional excess temperature limiter via mechanical relays in case of alarm
  • Single temperature controller (Triac or SSR) with limiter function (permanent shut-off via mechanical relay)
  • Also universally applicable to control 2 different devices


  • Depending on application selectable between 3 different controller outlets with 2 channels each
  • Both channels separately configurable
  • Also as controller limiter combination applicable
  • Switch-off temperature adjustable (0 °C….500 °C)
  • Self optimizing of control parameters
  • Alarm relay for 6 A
  • Robust and compact design


  • Wall mounting or rail mounting housing
  • 3-digit LED-Indication
  • Film keypad with 4 push buttons
  • Controller outputs with 2 Triacs each, mechanical relay or 12 VDC to control solid state relays
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